Monday, 30 January 2012

QOFI Menza Them Not Know

Stepping out from Accra, Ghana Qofi Menza is one of those guys gaining a lot of traction and attention nowadays, because he has his own unique style with a very good beat and drops some inspirational and positive messages on his tracks in his own words he says "All those that walk positive and believe that no matter what God ( Nana, Onyame, Allah, Jah Buddha, Yaweh, Karmah. The Supreme Being, The Most High) Still walks with his people....KEEP THE FAITH in God Almighty and ourselves.

Currently signed to the Blaqq Drum label QOFI has just dropped his new album "GHANA EP"  and trust me if the rest of the tracks are as good as this one then I will be definitely looking forward to it.
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Play download his latest track  "Them Not Know"


QOFI Menza on SoundCloud
QOFI Menza On Youtube
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QOFI Menza Twitter

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tha Suspect Ft Sasha - I No Send You

If you're a fan of Sasha  then you should check out these choice Joints, the above video  feats her on a wacky track from Tha Suspect called 'I No Send You' while the next one is called 'Don't Stop'  In my opinion Sasha must be one of the best female African rappers around, I would even go as far as saying she is the best but I'll let you make your own judgements on that,  what is indisputable though is that the acclaimed First Lady of Hip Hop continues to go from strength to strength and these two tracks go a long way to prove that fact and showcase her versatile arsenal of rap skills..
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Sasha on iTunes
Tha Suspect on Youtube
Sasha on Facebook

Sasha feat. Brymo-Ma Wo Be - Don't Stop - Single

I'm A Ruler- Timaya

Choice video and hit track from Timaya titled 'I'm A Ruler' from his recent album Rebirth which has been doing very well in the charts as they say back home selling like pancake and reminding us all why Timaya is still at the top of his game.
We always try to feature the best Naija tracks, this must be one to watch.

Timaya on Youtube
Download Ruler on iTunes

De Rebirth - Timaya

Monday, 2 January 2012

African Millionaire -Nimp Cohalition

We recently did a feature on Ajay of Nimp Cohalition well The UK based Niimp Boyz are back again with Their latest track and a sizzling hot video "African Millionaire". A crossover track with a fire beat its already generating quite a bit of interest and radio plays  

Love it.. Download Now.

   Niimp Cohalition- African Millionaire by Numusicstreet